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Who are we?

Too often, people mistrust or downright hate each other because of religion. 

Religion has always been a force for good in the world. There has never been a faith that didn't advocate for giving to the poor, bettering the world, and bettering each other. Unfortunately, people lose sight of this simple fact too often. "I don't like you because of your religion" -- a blunt statement, and one that might be said too often. And even when it is not to that extreme, mistrust still exists everywhere. The key to conquering that mistrust is interfaith dialogue.

It's a commonly referenced trope: "I know you, so I can't hate you." That idea is the guiding principle behind InterFaith Youth Miami. When people of different faiths come together, we realize that we all believe in the same thing: humans' capacity for good. Differences between religions no longer stick out as dividing lines but instead reveal themselves as distinguishing marks which make each faith unique and beautiful.

Together, we can conquer Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, Anti-Christianity, and the hate in general that is directed towards faith communities.

IFYM's first meeting took place in April of 2018. Since then, our group has been on a mission to eradicate the barriers that divide faith communities from each other. Through the hard work and dedication, goodwill and charity, and passionate faith of each of our members, we come closer every day to uniting the community.

We come together to find the similarities and to acknowledge -- and appreciate -- the differences between our faiths. At every IFYM meeting, we educate each other and we learn from each other. Importantly, we also learn from ourselves: every InterFaith Youth Miami meeting is an opportunity for self-exploration. Our group is a "bring together, come together" group: each of us brings something unqiue to every meeting, and we leave a different, bettered person each time.

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